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Intersection of AI and Cybersecurity: Navigating the Risks

Blacklock Security May 18, 2023
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about significant advancements in various industries, including cybersecurity. However, alongside these advancements, concerns about adversarial A…
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Award win makes us part of an Innovation Nation

Blacklock Security May 31, 2022

Blacklock scooped the first trophy at the Reseller News Innovation Awards on May 25 in …

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PTaaS vs Traditional Penetration Testing

Blacklock Security March 16, 2022

The rapid move towards digitization has significantly increased cybersecurity challenges. Cyberattacks are increasing everyday, resulting in a greater need for continuous security testing. Traditi…

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Blacklock Platform Updates - March 2022

Blacklock Security March 2, 2022

At Blacklock, we're always looking for new ways to simplify and deliver the best solutions for our customers. With this in mind, we’ve recently released some significant upgrades to our offerings,…

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Keeping up with the best at the CHCon Hacker Conference

Blacklock Security Nov. 11, 2021

Purple Teams, cables and continuous assurance; CHCon took place on November 5-6 in Christchurch in the historic Main Hall at the Arts Centre heritage site. Blacklock was proud to be a Bronze spons…

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Agile Penetration Testing: What, Why & How?

Blacklock Security Oct. 29, 2021

Agile methodologies in software development have accelerated in recent years, helping businesses provide value to customers much faster. This approach takes an interactive approach to software dev…

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PTaaS and Its End-User Benefits

Blacklock Security Sept. 20, 2021

Digitalisation has made many businesses adopt new technologies at an ever-increasing rate. The change to agile approaches has been central to all this, as they enabl…

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PTaaS vs Crowdsourcing

Blacklock Security Aug. 25, 2021

With the ability to draw fresh ideas from large crowds, save costs and generate brand awareness, it’s easy to see the attractiveness of crowdsourcing. But it can …

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What is PTaaS and How Does It Work?

Blacklock Security July 30, 2021

The correlation between the rise of online businesses and cyber-attacks is no coincidence. With nearly 1 cyber-attack happening every 39 seconds Continue Reading