Introducing Blacklock

On-Demand Penetration Testing Service

Adheres to industry security standards - OWASP, SANS, WASC & CWE

Initiate a penetration test at your leisure with one click. Our unique approach makes use of process automation, automated vulnerability scanning and manual testing techniques aligned with industry best practices.

Single Platform Delivery

Manage your security risks from one place.

Consolidate all your information assets, security risks and reports on Blacklock dashboard, so they don’t get lost in inboxes, shared drives, or individual hard disks. Receive precise and timely information on what‘s important— your overall security posture in real-time.

Introduce Continuous Security to DevOps

Kick off your DevSecOps journey with Blacklock scan engine

Identify and address security issues when they’re easier and affordable to fix. With easy API integration, you can now automate security testing (DAST) from your CI/CD pipeline. Plus, create JIRA tickets and assign it to devs with one-click for vulnerability remediation.

Industry-Compliant Testing & Reporting

Access two reports for each scan; a developer report and a management report.

Blacklock reports are in-line with OWASP reporting standards. Our reports include vulnerability descriptions, impacts, details, recommendations, and references. All findings are clearly laid out and actionable.

Include Your Team Members

Work as a team to manage and remediate your risks.

Bring in your techies, developers, managers and architects to get on top of your vulnerabilities. Update the status of each vulnerability individually as you progress with your remediation plan.

On-Demand or Scheduled Automated Vulnerability Scanning

Scan your infrastructure or web application for continuous assurance.

All of the above is followed by recurring or scheduled automated vulnerability scanning, both application and infrastructure layer, to keep you on top of newly discovered vulnerabilities and stay in compliance with standards such as PCI, ISO 27001, SOC-2, HIPAA, GDPR.

Start your 14-day free trial

Wonder how automation can save cost on your penetration tests? Explore Blacklock in action.

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How It Works

Customer Onboarding

Our simple & cost-effective monthly or annual subscription model allows you to onboard our platform quickly. Choose a one-time annual or continuous penetration test, we’ve it all delivered through one platform.

Provide Target Details

Enter your website, application, network, or cloud infrastructure details, choose a test frequency (on-demand, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly) and click Start Scan.


AI-Powered Scan Engine Coupled With Manual Penetration Testing

Our scan engine rapidly and accurately finds vulnerabilities in your web application or infrastructure, including attack surface testing i.e. subdomain enumeration, email address breaches, SSL misconfiguration, open services, targeted CMS attacks (WordPress, Joomla, Silverstripe) and many more, along with expert manual penetration testing.

Receive Your Reports

View the findings as your testing progresses in real-time. As soon as the testing’s done, you get access to two actionable reports.


Integrate With Your DevOps LifeCycle

Integrate Blacklock scan engine with your DevOps pipeline for DAST testing, both infrastructure and application. Create & assign JIRA tickets directly from your Blacklock account for your developers to remediate and retest with one-click.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Fully automated follow-up vulnerability scans along with open source intelligence scanning for continuous assurance delivered via Blacklock platform.


Our Plans

Happy Customers

Meet Our Team

We are a highly passionate team built on 25+ years of security experience, trust and transparency. We treat quality and professionalism above everything.

Graeme Neilson

Graeme Neilson

Advisor Board Member
Ex-Chief Research Officer
Redshield, Security Researcher
Emmanuel Law

Emmanuel Law

Advisor Board Member
Ex-Google, Security Researcher
Nilesh Kapoor

Nilesh Kapoor

Founder & CEO
CREST CRT, CPSA, CISSP, Security Researcher
Igor Portugal

Igor Portugal

Partner & Investor

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About Us

Our mission is to bridge the gap between automated and manual penetration testing – with automation.

About Blacklock

Blacklock is a Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) that automates the discovery of security vulnerabilities in your Internet-facing assets and manage them from a single pane of glass. We love to make security things simpler, practical and approachable.

As penetration testing experts ourselves, we’ve felt the complex process of getting a security testing completed and then continuously managing the vulnerabilities, penetration testing reports, recurring tests, their reports, etc. – it just becomes more complex, expensive and unmanageable overtime. Our team has built a new way to do the security right!

Blacklock is a service of “Security Simplified Limited”, a boutique penetration testing services company specialised in web application security, infrastructure security, mobile security, secure by design, IT security training and advanced offensive/defensive security services.

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Level 7, 101 Molesworth Street,
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