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PTaaS vs Traditional Penetration Testing

Blacklock March 16, 2022

The rapid move towards digitization has significantly increased cybersecurity challenges. Cyberattacks are increasing everyday, resulting in a greater need for continuous security testing. Traditional pentesting is not equipped for this as it’s manual, lengthy and a point in time assessment. Meanwhile, PTaaS involves frequent testing, automation and single-pane management; making it more suited for constantly changing web applications and their environments.

PTaaS Puts You In Control

A key feature of PTaaS is initiating everything online when you need to, as it’s an on-demand service. By simply logging into your dashboard, you can start your own pentests, track progress, download or view management or developer reports, request a manual validation, feature-specific scan, or a retest. Since the control comes from managing all your vulnerabilities from one place, an added benefit is that it eliminates the complicated and time-consuming procedures of traditional penetration testing. In short, there will be no more delays from resource constraints and scheduling. All of the above is followed by continuous vulnerability scanning.

You can gain further control by scheduling vulnerability scans ahead of time. These scans can be scheduled to fit different environments and timeframes, which informs you of vulnerabilities much earlier.

PTaaS Provides a Better ROI

Traditional pentesting is a cumbersome process with plenty of overhead and admin. These inefficiencies waste time, which in turn wastes money. In contrast, PTaaS enables faster onboarding and turnaround, delivering results within 24-48 hours.

A recent study showed that PTaaS produced a 50% increase in turnaround time, a 25% reduction in management costs, and a 56% reduction in direct fees. It also provided a more detailed analysis of vulnerabilities and a much better fit with agile environment and DevOps. Therefore, it’s clear that PTaaS saves money in the long run by detecting security threats much earlier and rescuing upfront costs.

PTaaS Combines Automation With Human Augmentation

PTaaS automates the manual tasks such as target specification, tools setup, report generation processes to deliver a faster turnaround time. Traditional Pentesting involves manual and repetitive processes. Apart from the increased speed, the advantage is that it allows pentesters to spend more time on real testing instead of spending time in QA, reviewing peer reports, admin tasks, etc. Plus, there won’t be any need to work around the pentester’s schedules. A quality PTaaS service like Blacklock combines automation with human augmentation so that you can get the best of speed and expertise. Security experts are always available should you have any questions.

Initiate a PTaaS Now!

If you’re after an affordable, efficient, and accessible way to conduct penetration testing, then PTaaS is an excellent choice. Unlike traditional penetration testing, you can manage all your pentesting needs from one place and scale it when necessary. Plus, the increased flexibility and automation give you greater control and increased savings. To protect all your assets in an agile manner, sign up for a free 14-day trial or get in touch with us now!